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Think Like a Successful Entrepreneur

No matter what your definition of success may be there are some common fundamental principles that are consistent truths among every successful entrepreneur. Now, my passion for what I do has definitely been the most important element to my success. Passion is the compelling enthusiasm that propels you forward in your goals and dreams. Passion, as Oprah calls it is energy, and whatever your interest may be it is your passion that creates the fuel to your success. Your passion will wake you up early, and make you go to bed late at night. Your passion will allow you to see invention, creation, and innovation all around you. Passion is the foundation to which all your success is built, and it is the key to your future.

Now as a successful entrepreneur for almost 2 decades I recognize that passion alone will not get you where you want to be. You need passion as a foundation but you also need a consistent framework to get you results. And that’s what I want to share with you today. Over the years I’ve learned and mastered 3 incredibly valuable principles and I’ve made them a rule of action that I consider everyday.

I call them my 3 V’s of a successful entrepreneur and that’s what I want to share with you today

The first thing that every successful entrepreneur must consider daily is their value.

1. Value- What are you worth? Not financially, but what is your knowledge, experience, and understanding. When it comes to your business what makes you unique. What problems can you solve? People say that time is valuable, yes but your time becomes more valuable to others when you can bring more efficiency, inspiration, and problem solving techniques to their lives. So when considering your value the most important question you must ask yourself is what can I share, teach, or offer others. What is my value?

Then you must ask yourself, How can I increase my value today? What are you doing regularly to increase your value, your knowledge, and experience? Are you training, going to seminars, going to school, gleaning from a mentor, reading books and articles, watching videos, listening to cd’s. Whatever your medium A successful entrepreneur is constantly learning and engaging their mind to discover new ways to create value in their lives. I make sure I dedicate time Every week in learning, listening, and reading to increase my knowledge base. And this goes back to the passion I mentioned earlier, im not doing it just because I have to Im doing it because I love what I do. I love singing, entertaining, personal and professional development, and I love discovering new and innovative ways to increase my value so that I can make a real difference in your life. This is why I encourage people and help people discover their passion because, Your passion will compel you to continue your education and it wont be a chore it will be a pleasure. Your value should be ever increasing and growing larger everyday.

Now the first thing your value does is help you to establish your position in the market place; it gives you identity. But when you are diligent about learning more, doing more, and going the extra mile to bring more value to your customers, you set yourself apart and you become unique within your industry. And this is what makes you a successful entrepreneur.

Strategy #2 of a successful entrepreneur is

Visibility- Everyday you have to think about what you are doing to showcase your skill or product. James Malinchak uses the acronym ABM Always be marketing. Always be looking for ways to increase your presence in the world. Discover ways to show people what you do. It does not matter how much you know, or what you have If you haven't figured out a way for people to recognize it. Your visibility is the heartbeat of your business and in order for you to succeed you have to create consistent awareness with a proper marketing umbrella that covers advertising, public relations, promotions and sales. I love this quote by Seth Godin that syas “Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” So you have to ask yourself daily how is my business staying visible and maintaining that attention and leaving a positive impression. Listen, the world needs what you have to offer, the world needs your book, your resources, your knowledge and information, your product… the world needs your business. So you Must be diligent in maintaining your visibility in the market place.

Last but definitely not least you need


“Vision is the God-inspired ability to see a future that does not yet exist, but should” Derwin Gray. Where are you going? Every successful entrepreneur must see beyond today to the end goal. Successful entrepreneurs are not simply concerned with activities they are focused on the outcome. You must daily remind yourself of your overall vision and decide if the activities you are doing are designed to get you there. A well thought out vision gives you something to look forward to and keep you on track when things get tough. Real Vision sees beyond today, beyond failures, insecurities, setbacks, and focuses on the things that are producing the positive results you need to achieve your ultimate goal. This is why you must remind yourself daily of what your vision is. Write it down, keep it simple, put it in front of your eyes, speak it out loud and allow your vision to nourish your heart passions, which is the driving force to your motivations.

Over the years I’ve learned many tools to be a successful entrepreneur like creativity, risk tolerance, intuition, and positive mental attitude, but none of them have been more valuable to my success than these 3 Strategies. And As a result I get to wake up everyday and do what I love, serve people in unique and valuable ways and be successful at it, and I know that these principles will enable you to do the same.

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