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How To Get Noticed At Work: 5 simple strategies

5 Strategies for Getting Noticed at Work

Getting noticed at work has been debated for many years. And there are generally two camps. One camp believes that self promotion is the way. While self promotion does have its benefits it often reminds me of Stuart from Mad Tv who would say "Look what I can do." The other camp believe that organic discovery is the way which is more of a keep your head down and work hard approach and you'll get noticed. The reality is if you are truly looking to advance your career and make the maximum impact in your workplace there needs to be a balance of self-promotion and organic development.

So through much research, interviews, and personal experience I've put together 5 simple strategies for getting noticed at work that i know will be beneficial to your advancement but most importantly these strategies will help you live the quality of life you want. These strategies are not theory i have used them for years and Ive seen them work first hand. I used to work for a hospital management company and within 9 months of employing these same strategies I went from clerk to manager. I actually advanced further and faster in the company in less than a year than employees who'd been there for almost 2 decades so i know they work and I want to share them with you.

This first strategy may seem a bit elementary but people continually underestimate its value. and thats

1. Punctuality - one of the first things that employers look for when considering promotion is punctuality. No employer will promote someone who is regularly tardy. a US study showed that 16% of employees are late to work once a week and 38% are late coming back from lunch, thats more than double. Your punctuality says a lot about your character. It shows that you are dedicated, committed, interested in your job, and most importantly that you are capable of honoring your word. this communicates positively to your employers and your fellow employees. And this is more than just about being on time. My father used to say don't be on time be early and be prepared. Most people show up at work, talk to their friends for about 20 minutes and get the latest scoop on a Tv show, have their coffee, check their email, instagram and whatever else before they actually start working. Being late leads to stress, worry, rushing, and all of this leads to poor workplace performance.

Being on time is not just clocking in at 9am but it's showing up early getting prepared and being ready to work at 9am. This behavior shows your employer and your fellow and employees that you are serious about your commitment to your job.

2. Be ready to Serve

so much about todays workplace is less about what you can do and more about what you can do for others, or in this case what you can do for the company. Employers are no longer just looking for working bees or people with high skill sets, they are looking for problem solvers. Employers are looking for ways to be more efficient and to serve the marketplace ergo they are looking for employees to help them with that end. So a very specific way to get noticed at work os to become a problem solver. a problem solver is very different than the complainer. The complainer notices everything thats wrong but never offers any useable advice to fix it and even if they do their attitude is so horrible that no one wants to listen.

Being ready to serve in this instance is two-fold

1. Contribute in a big way and contribute immediatley by solving a big problem, discover a challenge in your workplace and come up with a solution. the best way to do this is by - being an effective and intentional listener -'ear hustle- meaning be aware that there is knowledge that you need to know that will help you to help others. you must be intentional about who to listen to and what to listen to. Carry a notepad in important meeting, this communicates that you are invested in learning, remembering and ready to conquer any potential challenges you may discover.

2. The second part of Being ready to serve at work is to communicate with grace

Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone. col 4:6

It doesn't matter how great your idea is if you haven't figured out how to communicate it effectively and gracefully.

3. Do More

Go above and beyond the call of duty. this strategy has helped me tremendously in my professional career whether as a manager, life coach, speaker, or musician I take pride in going the extra mile, doing what others dont do, and adding extra value with my service. I believe in "do more than what you're paid for and eventually you will paid more for what you do." Doing more not only sets me apart from everyone else, but ultimately it makes me feel better that I left it all on the dance floor. i know that sometimes it may feel like going the extra mile is unreciprocated, but trust me you will rep what you sow. an important principle in success is going the extra mile and if you are consistent you will see great reward.

4. Be a part of the team.

Helping others succeed ensures your own success. No one can be successful alone. You have to engage your ideas with the ideas of others and include them in what you're trying to do and commit to helping them become successful. there's a quote by Napolean hill that says "the quickest way to success is to help others succeed."

The success in my life has been a direct result of helping others become successful. The more opportunities you create for others the more the door open for you this is why networking and knowing how to align yourself with the right people is so critically important throughout your career. People want to know that your intentions are to build mutually rewarding relationships where everyone wins.

This means not only sharing your knowledge and ideas but also sharing your weaknesses. this is an opportunity to discover ways to unite with your fellow employees and create workable plans that serve the greater needs of the company.

Ok before the last strategy lets do a quick recap of what's going to get you noticed at work

1. punctuality- never underestimate the value of being on time, being early and be prepared

2. Be ready to Serve- solve a big challenge or problem and communicate a solution with grace

3. Do more than everyone else- there are no traffic jams along the extra mile

4. Be a part of the team- no challenge is too great when you have help! the quickest way to success it to help someone else succeed.

5. Be yourself.

Navigating the terrain of a changing our growing workplace can be difficult. But when you can be your most authentic self you're able to deliver your full potential at work each and every day. It allows you to do all the other steps seamlessly and have fun at work. Your energy becomes contagious your leadership and work ethic become valued and respected.

You don't need to be perfect you just need to be consistent. People want to know that you are being your same amazing self Monday through friday and if you are,I'm sure that'll be pretty easy for you.

I encourage you to take control of your career and start using these strategies immediately and not only will you get recognized you will be respected.

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