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Daryl & Tracy
25+ yrs, 5 Kids

Meet Daryl 


My greatest desire is to help your marriage thrive.  I am a certified relationship and life coach, psychologist, author, speaker, husband, father, pastor. My academic and professional background includes:


  • Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis in counseling and leadership 

  • M.A. in Theology/Religion

  • Certification in Realtionship Coaching


  • Marriage Coach and Consultant for 2 decades for couples, singles, families, business leaders, politicians, religious leaders, and others.

  • Top-rated keynote speaker on relationships, communication, theology, and growth leadership 

  • International presenter on 4 continents and 15 countries as a keynote speaker and performing artist.

Throughout my life people have always come to me for help with their relationship and private issues, and I’ve always gotten a major high from helping them. I deeply enjoy making a positive difference to others with a skill that is innately embedded within me. The tools and strategies that I use for clients are not theory, they are the very tools I've used to transform and thrive in my own marriage of over 25 years.


I embarked upon a career in psychology many years ago, and my personal growth and understanding of human nature led me to serve others through coaching. I knew coaching, rather than traditional counseling, would enable me to help people as quickly as possible and in a much more uplifting, solution-focused and goal-focused way.


I implement a combination of biblical principles and and relationship psychology to craft a plan for successful marriages. 

I repeatedly produce results for my clients by using unique insights and simple solutions that work, and consequently, most clients achieve their coaching goals in just 3-12 sessions, many in just 3!

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