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You Are a Creator!

There is a quote by Napoleon Hill the author of “Think and Grow Rich” in which he says “You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.”

This is more than just a quote to me this is a belief system. I truly believe You have the power to create the world around you. And you can do so simply by the words you speak. There’s no question that your words have a profound affect on your life and your environment. If you speak nothing but negative things into your world, then you will get negative results. You will find yourself around negative people who always feel like the victim, who do nothing more than complain and make excuses about why they cant change their situation.

You may have someone like that in your life, and if you do, don’t let him or her create negativity in your world. Don't allow them access! Don’t let them bring you down. Don’t let them steal your dreams. Don’t let them take your joy! Take a survey of your family and friends and be sure that you are not allowing their negative words to keep you from success. Then, take a survey of yourself and be sure that you are not speaking negative words into your atmosphere. You are a creator. If you are creating a negative world for yourself, STOP IT! STOP making excuses, Stop saying that you’re not good enough. STOP saying that it will never happen for you. Stop putting your dreams on hold. Stop waiting in the back of the line for scraps. Stop dragging your feet. Stop defeating yourself before you've even had a chance to try. STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT!


When we speak positive words into our lives we are much more prone to act upon those words, even when we don’t feel like it. Positive words are like the small spark that starts a forest fire; once it is ignited, it’s hard to put it out. Positive words will get you off your butt and into the game. Positive words will get you moving even when you feel like giving up. You Are a Creator!

Fitness professional Tony Horton, the inventor of the P90x workout series, is my personal fitness guru. A few times a week I pop in his fitness DVD and prepare to get ripped. When the video starts, I am completely motivated, ready to go, and hyped about the workout. However halfway through the workout I always feel like Tony is trying to kill me, and I want to give up and go take a long hot bath. But Tony keeps saying things like, "You're looking good, you can do this, just one more; breathe. Your results are going to be amazing. Keep doing your best. Only one more minute.” With each encouraging word, I find the strength to continue. It’s hard but I keep going and Tony is there encouraging me the whole way. Before I know it I start saying to myself, “Daryl you can do this, “Keep on moving,” “Just one more,” “Just one more minute,” You're looking good.” The positive words that I say to myself eventually help me make it to the end. My positive words help me to stay motivated and accountable to what I said, even when I feel like giving up.

Now, Let’s be real for a moment. You are going to have days that you just don't feel like doing anything. You are going to have days that you feel like with every step forward there are two steps back. You are going to have days when you feel defeated, depressed, and downright underwhelmed. Those are the days when you really have to dig deep into your heart and speak, out loud, the things you really want in life. It is the desire of your heart spoken out loud that will motivate you to get up and get going. Never underestimate the power of what you say to yourself. Remember, out of the heart the mouth speaks and the feet move. On the days that you feel discouraged remember this replacement exercise:

- Replace I can’t with I CAN.

- Replace I should with I WILL.

Remind yourself that you are courageous, you are strong, you are intelligent, and you are worth it. Remind yourself of the world you want to live in and remind yourself that you are a creator.

The positive words that you speak to yourself will change your perspective and get you moving in the right direction.

You and I are the sons and daughters of an eternal being who created the universe by nothing more than words. And you have the power to do the same.

You have the power to create and control your environment. You don't have to live a life of defeat if you don't want to. You don't have to live a life of depression. You don't have to live beneath your privilege. You and I were created in the likeness and image of God, which is why we can speak to our lives and create change.

If you are going to live a life of abundance, success, and joy, then you must be thoughtful and intentional about the words you speak into the atmosphere, because you could either be making your own paradise or your own prison. So make a choice today, in fact make the choice right now about the kind of world you want to create for you and for those around you. Do you want a world filled with doubt, fear, complacency, and mediocrity? Or do you want a world filled, with joy, hope, abundance, peace, overflow, and creativity? If you chose the latter then, today you can choose to speak life into your future. Speak abundance. Speak joy. Speak courage. Speak creativity. Speak change. Speak peace. Speak success. Speak hope. Speak happiness. Speak promotion. Speak love. SPEAK LIFE! Because you are a creator.

I'm Daryl Black reminding you to live with passion, live with purpose, and make a difference.

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