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Masters Academy

High Performance Advanced Training on Psychology, Physiology, Productivity, and Influence


You don't have to settle for less than the life that you deserve. You can become stronger, more resourceful, and more powerful by learning how to master your psychology, physiology, productitvity, and influence. Discover the secrets to long-lasting success and personal development. Learn how to master your mind, your body, your time, and your impact on others.  There is no question that mastering these skills will change your life forever.



Discover Your Passions, Discover Your Purpose, Ignite Your Power


Life is too short and goes by too quickly to continue wondering how things could be if... You have the power to create the world in which you want to live. Discover how to tap into that power and become the architect of your future. Uncover what you really want in your life, career, and relationships. Connect with your true purpose and and transform the quality of your life.




World's Greatest Leadership Training

Advanced Leadership and Performance Training for the World's Greatest Leaders... 


Every great achievement requires great leadership and no one knows this better than Daryl Black. As a corporate, non-profit, and international band leader Daryl has defined and mastered the skills necessary to become an effective and innovative leader.  In this program you will learn the science of leadership mastery, how to break through the limiting beliefs that diminish your leadership and the power of your influence. Take your passion for leadership to a whole new level.

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